Launched in 2017 to “offer a sharp point of view, amplify underrepresented voices, shine a light on systemic inequality and skewer politicians when necessary,” the site lasted only two years, despite building millions of left-leaning fans on social media, successfully defending itself against a $100 million defamation lawsuit and pissing off your buddy’s racist uncle. But Splinter has returned with the same mission under new, independent ownership because The Truth (still) Hurts, and we need to keep telling it.

We intend to keep the bulk of our articles free for everyone, but for $8 a month, subscribers will be able to comment on stories, join our invite-only Discord channels for live chats during election events, receive special content, be the first to learn about future Splinter events, and get unlimited access to the entire catalog of Splinter articles, as well as a few subscriber-only content exclusives that will be rolled out in the next few months. Plus subscribers get a free Splinter T-shirt, and if you go ahead and sign-up for a year, we’ll toss in a cool Splinter tumbler.