Did You Know the Nodding Meme Guy Is Robert Freakin' Redford???

The Discourse

If you’ve spent time on the internet (not to be confused with the much better The Internet), chances are you’ve seen this meme. If you’ve watched any movie from the past five decades, chances are you know who Robert Redford is. Never in all my days did I think their paths crossed. Until today.

In one of our more, uh, productive work channels, a group of Deadspin staffers was making fun of another Deadspin staffer for only knowing actors as internet jokes. An editor posted the nodding gif and jokingly said Redford (last seen in Avengers: Endgame) was now just “the meme guy.”

I have seen a ton of Redford’s films, and I have seen this meme a million times, but until today I just thought this was some pleasant lumberjack rando. But nope! This blew my mind; I’m sure yours is likewise dripping out of your ear right now.

Same guy!

The meme is from the movie Jeremiah Johnson. I do not know what the film is about nor that it exists. I’m told it’s a better version of The Revenant, which sucked, so, sure, I’ll buy it.

Fuckin’ Robert Redford, man. Talented dude.

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