Milkshaking Has Finally Landed in the U.S.


A newly minted British tradition—throwing milkshakes at idiot conservatives—has arrived on the shores of the New World at last. That’s right: milkshaking has come to the good old US of A.

The target of said milkshake attack, which conservatives are already bemoaning as a sign of the end of civilization, was Rep. Matt Gaetz, who was pelted with a shake in his Florida district on Saturday, according to WKRG. Don’t worry, there’s video.

At the time of the milkshake attack, Gaetz was leaving a town hall in Pensacola, FL. As he walked outside, the Congressman was surrounded by protestors. Then one of them absolutely nailed him with a milkshake.

Police arrested Amanda L. Kondrat’yev, a 25-year-old protester who allegedly threw the milkshake, and charged her with battery. Her mugshot is pretty good.

Gaetz, a right-wing Trump supporter, is truly one of the worst people in Congress. He’s currently in major legal trouble for threatening Michael Cohen on Twitter before he testified to Congress about Trump. But even aside from that, Gaetz had distinguished himself among his colleagues as a racist hawker of conspiracy theories who tends to lose it in public. In April, he also hired as a speechwriter a man who was fired from the Trump administration for having ties to white nationalists.

This is all to say that Gaetz was a prime candidate to be the first American victim of milkshaking. The trend started in the UK when far-right activist Tommy Robinson took a milkshake to the head on May 1st. He was milkshaked again just the next day. UKIP member Carl Benjamin and leader Nigel Farage were both milkshaked soon afterwards. Later in May, Farage was unable to leave his bus during a campaign stop in Kent due to fear of milkshakers lurking outside.

Of course, milkshaking has produced a predictable discourse, from accusing milkshakers of political violence, to calls for civility, to people saying everyone needs to get over it. It’s Nazi punching all over again.

Now, inevitably, milkshaking has come to the U.S. Racists everywhere better start wearing raincoats.

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