Paul Ryan Wants You to Know How Much He Loves His Family


Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who has done absolutely nothing to stop the Trump administration from ripping immigrant families apart, has just posted a self-aggrandizing video of himself on Twitter discussing what a great father he is.

“I, I think what happened to me when I became a father is it changed my ambitions,” Ryan said in an early Father’s Day message. “…Once I had kids, those personal ambitions really subsided, and I just focused on policy ambitions. And it just changed my focus in life, uh, from career to family. And now look, I’m speaker of the House, I wasn’t necessarily planning this, but what’s more important to me in my life is my family.”

He added that his “higher priority” is “just to have a good family life.”

I wonder who else might think their highest priority is to have a good family life? Oh, I know, maybe the parents of the roughly 45 kids a day the Trump administration is forcibly removing from parental and familial care in the U.S. But they don’t count because they were born somewhere else, right, Paul?

Happy Father’s Day, pal.

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