Sarah Huckabee Sanders Tweets Misleading Photo of Syria Attack Preparations


Did White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders intentionally tweet out a misleading piece of propaganda about President Trump’s decision to launch airstrikes in Syria?

It’s hard to give the benefit of the doubt to someone who consistently lies to the American public on behalf of a corrupt administration every day. For example, on Friday, the press secretary claimed that one of Trump’s “greatest achievements” was firing former FBI Director James Comey, a move that is under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller as possible obstruction of justice in the Russia probe.

As the public voice of the Trump administration, Sanders has no credibility left at this point.

That’s why few people believe she mistakenly tweeted out a photo on Saturday purportedly from inside the White House Situation Room as Trump follows the circumstances in Syria during joint airstrikes Friday night.

Sanders states in the tweet: “Last night the President put our adversaries on notice: when he draws a red line he enforces it. (Inside the Situation Room as President is briefed on Syria – Official WH photos by Shealah Craighead).”

There are several problems with this statement and the photo, the most glaring of which is that Vice President Mike Pence, seated to the right of the president, wasn’t in the United States when the cruise missiles were launched. He was in Lima, Peru, taking Trump’s place at the 8th Summit of the Americas because the president was preoccupied at home with Syria, with FBI raids on his personal lawyer Michael Cohen’s home and office, and with watching Fox News.

Here’s a photo of Pence landing in Peru on Friday afternoon:

Other questions come to mind: Why are the press secretary and the president’s legal counsel in a war–planning meeting? And why is this crappy photo in black–and–white?

Some have suggested that perhaps this is what Sanders was going for:

Several Twitter users had thoughts about the situation:

Update, Sunday, 1 p.m.: Oh, AS SHE SAID, Sanders has issued a clarification:

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