The New Yorker's Latest Cover Is 


The New Yorker’s May 22 cover will feature an image of Attorney General Jeff Sessions pulling now-former FBI director James Comey off of a plane while President Donald Trump looks over Sessions’ shoulder.

The image, titled “Ejected,” was created by artist Barry Blitt.

It’s a scene obviously meant to resemble the infamous beating and dragging of United passenger David Dao.

Here’s a look at the two side by side.

You can see what he was going for.

“It’s probably a bit of a leap,” Blitt said in a post revealing the cover. “James Comey is six feet eight—he probably would have been happy to give up his seat in a cramped cabin.”

Right, right.

People on the internet had a mix of reactions to the cover. Here is a basic breakdown of the response summed up in a few tweets.

For what it’s worth, CNN pundit and iconic genius Chris Cillizza seems to like it.

Asked for comment, the magazine directed us to Blitt’s post about the cover.

What do you think about comparing the firing of an FBI director who may or may not have been actively conducting an investigation of the president of the United States of America to the brutal assault–and later character assassination–of a 69-year-old Asian doctor who did not want to give up a seat on a flight that he paid for?

Let’s chat about it in the comments.

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