15 faces from last night's episode of 'Botched'


Botched, the sickeningly compelling trainwreck of a plastic surgery-correction show, returned to E! last night for a second season, with special guest Tiffany “New York” Pollard from Flavor of Love. Here are 15 notable faces seen in the premiere episode:

1. Christina’s face before surgery with the Botched doctors. She was badly burned in a fire when she was 10 years old. She called herself Ms. Potato Head and hated her (reconstructed in earlier surgeries) square jaw.

2. Christina’s face after surgery, with a much more natural-looking jawline. She was really happy with the results.

3., 4. Christina’s face shape, before and after.

5. Rajee’s face at rest. The trans woman went to a “pumping party” a few years ago, where she paid an unlicensed, not-a-doctor lady to inject cement — industrial strength silicone — into her face. That woman is now in jail.

6. Rajee’s face when she’s joking around and being smiley and bubbly and adorable. Dr. Dubrow describes her as  a teddy bear.

7. Rajee’s face after the doctors tell her they won’t operate on her face for fear of nerve damage, and won’t operate on her breasts unless it’s a double mastectomy. Tears.

8. Dr. Nassif’s face after Dr. Dubrow says Rajee can call them anytime, 24-7, if something goes wrong with the cement in her face or if her breasts become inflamed. Dr. Nassif looks at the ceiling as if to say, “Don’t literally call us any time. Please.”

9. Tiffany “New York” Pollard’s face as she’s describing seeing Dolly Parton on TV when she was a kid. The blond hair, narrow waist and big boobs made an impression on her. New York asked the doctors for a breast lift and a nose job; they removed part of her rib and stuck it in her nose.

10. New York’s face right before the surgery. She looks younger without the wig, makeup, the lashes and gloss!

11. New York’s face on post-surgery drugs.

12. New York’s face really really feeling those post-surgery drugs.

13., 14. New York’s face before and after. With her new nose and boobs, she says: “I’m not a 10, I’m more like a 12.”

15. New York’s face (post surgery) as she tells us “Everybody loves New York. Don’t you?” Sure.

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