43 things Donald Trump wants you to enjoy!


There’s a lot to enjoy in this beautiful world of ours. The feel of the summer sun on your skin. Making memories with the people you love. Discovering a full season of The Great British Bake Off on YouTube.

Donald Trump wants you to enjoy things, too. Specifically, his golf courses, his many media appearances, and the programming at his now-rival Fox News.

We know this because we looked through the current Republican frontrunner’s Twitter archives and found he has a very special tic when it comes to self-promotion.

So here are exactly 43 things you should enjoy, according to Donald Trump.


Daniel McLaughlin is a creative technologist exploring the 2016 presidential election. Before joining Fusion, Daniel worked at the Boston Globe and graduated from MIT with a BS in urban studies and planning.

Katie McDonough covers politics for Fusion. She lives in Brooklyn.

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