A Donald Trump protester got viciously punched in the face at a Trump rally in North Carolina


“It’s okay, the cameras are following us,” Donald Trump said on Monday night, as those cameras filmed one of his supporters punching a protester in the face.

The attack took place during a Trump campaign rally in Asheville, NC. Trump had just begun to criticize Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comments from over the weekend when cameras, and the attention of the crowd, panned to show a confrontation in the upper stands of the U.S. Cellular Center.

Video of the event showed an unidentified man in a green shirt shaking a protester by the collar of his shirt as security attempted to escort them out of the stands. He then reached out and punched the protester in the chin before also pushing another protester in the back of the head.

Security continued escorting the protesters out of the stands, while the man in the green shirt remained. Media covering the rally reported that he stayed until the end of the rally.

Based on his immediate reaction, it’s unclear whether Donald Trump was able to see what was happening or if he just chose to see something else.

“The dishonest media will not report that,” Trump said. “They say we’re bad people, they’re not going to report that.”

Later on, Trump tweeted that the rally was— what else — a massive success.

“Spirit” is one thing you could call it.

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