A Majority of Americans Want Impeachment

White House

Amid President Donald Trump’s insistence that this should all go away, most Americans support the impeachment inquiry into Trump, and almost half of supporters say they also support removing the president from office, according to a new Washington Post-Schar School poll.

More specifically, 58 percent of Americans thinks that Congress should have launched an impeachment inquiry into Trump’s behavior. Meanwhile, 49 percent of Americans go the extra mile, saying they support the impeachment inquiry and removing Trump from office.

This is a marked uptick from the last time the poll was taken, when 59 percent said they didn’t support impeachment while just 37 percent were in favor. The latest poll also found 60 percent of Americans say Trump doesn’t uphold adequate standards for ethics in government.

As you might expect, there was a steep partisan divide on the issue, with 8 in 10 Democrats saying they support the House’s impeachment inquiry and 7 in 10 Republicans saying they do not support it.

The polling comes after days and days of revelations that have severely damaged Trump’s credibility. More people were on Trump’s call to Ukraine and were involved in Trump’s ploy to hurt Joe Biden’s campaign than the White House initially admitted. His best people can’t get their story straight. He’s losing other people left and right. It still remains to be seen how the inquiry will go, but the majority of the country jumping on board feels heartening.

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