And Now, an Inspiring Message From the President of the United States

White House

Welcome to “An Inspiring Message From The President Of The United States,” where we highlight some of Donald Trump’s most heartwarming messages to the American people. Today’s edition: this deeply moving tribute to the people dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

Emphasis mine to highlight the most profound sections:

I just wanna thank all of the incredible men and women who have done such a great job in helping with Florence. This is a tough hurricane, one of the wettest we’ve ever seen from the standpoint of water. Rarely have we had an experience like it, and it certainly is not good, but the people of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, all of the areas affected, you’ve been incredible. There’s been a loss of life, and may God be with them and their families. That’s a tough one, it’s tough to understand, but this has been a really difficult period of time for a lot of people. FEMA, the job you’ve done, the military, uh, Coast Guard, what you’ve done in saving so many lives has been really something special. Law enforcement always. Again, I just wanna thank everybody for doing such a great job with a very difficult situation. Florence has been a nasty one, a big one, like that area certainly has never seen before. So the waters are still rising. Listen to your state and local authorities, be patient and alert, and God bless you.

Powerful, powerful stuff. This has been “An Inspiring Message From The President Of The United States.”

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