Are the Rolling Stones planning their first gig in Cuba?


Mick Jagger is visiting Cuba this week, and his visit might not be devoted entirely to smoking Cuban cigars and drinking mojitos.

Cuba’s official Communist Party newspaper, Granma, reports the 72-year-old Jagger is on a private visit to the island with one of his children that also “could be related to a concert the band wants to play in Cuba as part of an upcoming tour of Latin America.”

If true, it would be the first time the Rolling Stones perform in Cuba, which is almost too exciting to think about.

Jagger has been checking out Havana’s nightclub scene since he arrived last weekend, Granma said. Among the stops was one of Havana’s hippest night spots, La Fabrica de Arte Cubano, a music venue and cultural center run by Cuban musician X Alfonso.

The Granma story quotes Stones guitarist Keith Richards as saying the band is looking for ways to play a show in Cuba. One possibility being considered is a March 2016 concert at Havana’s Latin American stadium, Granma said, citing Richards.

“We’d like to visit Cuba now that the situation is changing,” Richards reportedly told Granma. “It’s a place where huge cultural steps have been taken for the benefit of the entire word. It’d be interesting to be there, because it would be a new place for us, and surely something new for them.”

According to Granma, Richards said that Stones bassist Darryl Jones, who performed in Cuba earlier this year with his other group, The Dead Daisies, has pushed for the Stones to find a way to perform on the island.

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