Are You Seeing This Shit?


Here’s a segment from Lou Dobbs’ show on Fox Business earlier tonight. Dobbs is talking about the migrant caravan, as he and his fellow News Corp TV hosts have been, night after night after night, spreading conspiracy theories and racist rhetoric and all kinds of horrid things about a group of people risking their lives to literally walk to the United States so that they can live in a country where they have a slightly lower risk of being shot to death in the street.

Dobbs’s guest in the segment is this woman, Sidney Powell, the author of a book called License to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice that costs $50 for some reason, or $75 if you want an autographed copy. Powell is talking about the migrants, and about Trump sending 5,200 troops down to the border. Here is what she says.

It’s a foreign invasion. So yes he can send the national military down to protect the border. I’m glad he’s doing that, it’s a strong stance it must be taken because we simply cannot tolerate the continued invasion of this country when Americans are suffering every day the national debt is exploding, we have diseases spreading across the country that are causing polio-like paralysis of our children, it’s one thing after the other.

At the polio point, Dobbs starts waving his hand at her. He is waving his hand because he is scared she is going to say something so batshit crazy that he will get another full episode of his show pulled off the air, like he did this weekend when a man named Chris Farrell said that the migrant caravan was a conspiracy created by George Soros and the State Department.

“You can’t very well blame that disease on illegal immigrants, we don’t know the cause of it, I don’t think that’s fair,” Dobbs interjects. He throws her a lifeline, saying that “there are plenty of reasons to keep this country secure, including making sure that everyone is healthy when everyone is brought into the country,” and feeding her her next quote with a snap of his pen, “Right? Is that fair?”

“That is fair,” Powell says. “That is part of the problem we don’t know where these diseases are coming from.”

Dobbs cuts the interview there. For reference, the disease Powell is referring to is called “acute flaccid myelitis,” which has been on the Centers for Disease Control’s radar since at least 2014. CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield told “CBS This Morning” that the disease “doesn’t appear to be transmissible from human to human.” Earlier today, another Fox guest suggested that the migrants were going to infect Americans with leprosy (they won’t).

That’s not all. Here’s a segment from Tucker Carlson tonight over on Fox.

Carlson’s segment used Holt’s Halloween costume as American Idol winner Susan Boyle as a segue into one of his guests (Mark Steyn) talking about the “black face tradition in America” being dead.

Per Media Matters for America, here’s what Steyn said:

There is no, the minstrel tradition, the black face tradition in America is dead as a doornail. Bing Crosby, 1942, he wore black face for an Abraham Lincoln number in “Holiday Inn”. Ten years later when he made the film “White Christmas” he did a minstrel number in white face. Somewhere between 1942 and 1952 an entire tradition no longer became respectable and again, the cure is worse than the disease.

“We should all get over this stuff,” Steyn concluded.

Hm. Maybe we shouldn’t, in my opinion!

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