Ben Shapiro Is Very Very Scared of Megan Rapinoe


Are you aware that it is a good time for lesbians who play soccer, right now? Specifically, Megan Rapinoe? And that she shouldn’t complain about getting paid less than players on the men’s U.S. national soccer team? Because soccer-playing lesbians have it really good at the moment? HMM??

Right-wing troll Ben Shapiro defended the rights of Americans who are very afraid of Rapinoe, the powerful U.S. women’s national team star forward, on his show Wednesday, alleging that Rapinoe is only getting high-priced contracts because she’s an “outspoken lesbian” who just happens to be very good at playing soccer.

Shapiro argued that Rapinoe and her team don’t bring in as much revenue as the mens’ team, so they’re just using the accusation of sexism in order to get a fairer contract and earn as much as as the men do (a familiar argument made by other dummies). And what does Rapinoe even have to complain about? Gay marriage is legal, people!! You got what you wanted, all women who are gay! From Shapiro:

It’s pretty obnoxious. And we’re not talking about 1968 in the middle of the Civil Rights Movement with US sprinters on the US national team at the Olympics raising the Black Power fist because American politics are polarized around race in ‘68. We’re not talking about that. We’re talking about — gay marriage is legal across the United States by Supreme Court diktat.

See, things are good for lesbians now! Except for the part where they’re reduced to their sexuality by idiots like Shapiro, and also still violently attacked in public, but whatever. Also from Shapiro:

We’re talking about Megan Rapinoe getting million dollar contracts specifically because of her sexuality, and because she’s a very very good soccer player. But let’s not make any mistake, if she was a very good soccer player and she were not a very outspoken lesbian, she would be getting fewer contracts because she’s seen as a political figure. She’s sort of Colin Kaepernick but with actual talent at her sport.
All of this is obnoxious but we’re supposed to pretend that actually she is quite charming and wonderful, that it’s not obnoxious to live in the best time for women, the best time lesbians, and the best time for women’s soccer in the history of the world, and in the best country in the history of the world for any of those things, we’re supposed to pretend that actually she is a victim and America is a terrible place so that she could make more money, presumably. Pretty gross.

It’s clear that Shapiro is just afraid of what Rapinoe represents, which is great. “Megan Rapinoe? More like Megan Rapinope!”: something Ben Shapiro would say before quickly looking over his shoulder to make sure she didn’t overhear him and come to kick his head straight off his shoulders.

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