Bernie Sanders: I'm losing because 'poor people don't vote'


Sen. Bernie Sanders has an explanation for why he is not winning: “Poor people don’t vote.”

On Sunday’s Meet the Press, moderator Chuck Todd asked Sanders why he had lost 16 out of 17 primaries with the highest levels of income inequality. Sanders answered “well, because poor people don’t vote. That’s a fact.”

Sanders called the low voter turnout among lowest-income citizens as “a sad reality of American society, and that’s what we have to transform.”

Sanders said 80% of poor people did not vote in 2014. He has claimed before that 75% of poor people chose not to vote in 2014, a claim that Politifact said in March was a “bit off.”

Sanders has made income inequality a key part of his campaign. But it’s been a paradox of his campaign that he has been winning in states where income inequality is the least and Clinton has won in the most unequal states.

The Democratic presidential candidate is in Providence on Sunday for a rally. Tuesday’s primaries in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware are make-or-break for Sanders, whose chances of winning the nomination are nearly mathematically impossible after losing in New York last week.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump Jr. appeared on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday, saying that Ted Cruz needed to “bribe” delegates to win. Oh and if Trump’s father wanted to bribe delegates, he could.

GOP donor Charles Koch, who has mainly sat out this election so far, said Sunday on This Week that “it’s possible” that Clinton would be a better president than any of the Republicans running.  Koch called the Republicans running “terrible role models,” which is why he didn’t pick a candidate to support.

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