Bernie Sanders supporter wins 'Horrifying Quote of the Week' award


For several months now, there has been a small but growing concern that certain irresponsible Americans would vote for Donald Trump because his presidency would be “entertaining” or “hilarious.”

And now, the New York Times has plucked one such voter from the crowd of a Bernie Sanders rally, who provided such a perfect encapsulation of this fear that you would roll your eyes if a character said it on an Aaron Sorkin show:

“A dark side of me wants to see what happens if Trump is in,” said Mr. Vizcarra, who works in information technology. “There is going to be some kind of change, and even if it’s like a Nazi-type change. People are so drama-filled. They want to see stuff like that happen. It’s like reality TV. You don’t want to just see everybody be happy with each other. You want to see someone fighting somebody.”

“There is going to be some kind of change, even if it’s like a Nazi-type change”: Maybe the worst bumper sticker slogan in the history of U.S. presidential elections.

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