Burger King's Black Whopper will allegedly turn your poop green


By now you’ve probably heard Burger King created an A-1 Sauce Black Bun Whopper for Halloween. Even Chris Rock knows about it.

Reviews of the burger have been mixed: My colleague Molly Fitzpatrick said that while it looked aesthetically “upsetting,” it tasted okay.

Now we’ve had more feedback from the populace. And if you thought it looked bad going in, what it looks like coming out is even more alarming: Diners are saying its turning their poop green.

If you want apparent actual proof you can click on this extremely NSFW link.

The Washington Post‘s Rachel Feltman thinks it may have to do with some kind of green coloring dye being used in the bun, though admits she has no proof for this.

We emailed Burger King for a commment earlier this morning but have yet to hear a response; we’ll update when we do.

Rob covers business, economics and the environment for Fusion. He previously worked at Business Insider. He grew up in Chicago.

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