BuzzFeed's Bosses Are Some Real Dumbasses


BuzzFeed bosses, what are you doing???

Some context: BuzzFeed News workers are unionizing. This is a good thing! (Of course, I would say that, since Splinter is a proud union site represented by the Writers Guild of America, East.) BuzzFeed’s bosses—who tried to prevent a union from happening for ages—are now being real dicks about it.

Yesterday, the bosses stood up some members of the union organizing committee, which is a bad and dumb thing, because duh, it got super-public. Then Bill de Blasio got involved, which is mostly surreal:

And now, BuzzFeed decided the way to handle this situation is to feud with the mayor of New York City.

I’m no de Blasio stan but…come on. You idiots. This is so stupid. The union’s going to win. The train has left the station. And you’re sitting there fighting with the MAYOR of NEW YORK rather than just let a union happen? Do you understand what kind of a bad look this is? What a bunch of dumbass idiots. BuzzFeed management, take this advice from a union member: Recognize the union, accept defeat, and move it along.

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