CNN Puts Corey Lewandowski on TV Less Than a Day After He Bragged About Lying to Media


If, gun to my head, I were forced to give world class asshole Corey Lewandowski credit for anything, it would be for how enthusiastically he celebrates the fact that he is a shameless liar.

Take, for instance, Lewandowski’s proud declaration that “I have no obligation to be honest with the media” during his disastrous appearance at the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing on Presidential Obstruction and Abuse of Power on Tuesday:

Ordinarily, the admission that “hey, I’m a huge fucking liar” would be a huge red flag to the many, many media outlets who have had Lewandowski on to fill up precious air time with his sweaty pontifications over the past few years. And yet, less than 24 hours later, Lewandowski was cordially invited to get back on his bullshit at his old stomping grounds of CNN.

To her credit, New Day host Alisyn Camerota did her best to hold Lewandowski accountable for his slimy obfuscations:

At one point, Camerota asked point blank whether Lewandowski was “lying now, for instance?” It did not go well:

Camerota’s admirable efforts notwithstanding, there’s a larger problem here: what is the value of giving a huge liar a national platform to tell more lies? Even before he bragged to Congress that he feels no guilt about bullshitting on national TV, Lewandowski could hardly be said to have offered anything of real substance in his many TV appearances. And now that he’s gone ahead and admitted that his whole public persona is a sham, there is no reason whatsoever to continue offering him the means to propagate lies.

Any credit CNN seems to want for holding Lewandowski’s feet to the lukewarm fire is immediately negated by the fact that—by his own admission—the whole thing is bullshit to begin with. So why bother? There’s no such thing as a “gotcha” moment when the guy you’re getting already gave up the game.

I’ve reached out to New Day executive producer Javier Morgado for comment on Lewandowski’s appearance, and to learn more about the thinking that went into booking an enthusiastic liar just hours after he bragged about enthusiastically lying. I will update this story if Morgado responds.

In the meantime, I’m sure Lewandowski—who used his congressional hearing yesterday to tease a potential run for a New Hampshire’s Senate seat in 2020—is absolutely thrilled his admission under oath seems to have had no adverse effects on his ability to get his shiny, shouty face on TV screens across the country. Great work, CNN.

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