CNN's most loyal Trump backer made this unbelievably bad claim about race in America


One of President-elect Donald Trump’s most outspoken backers on cable news declared that his America is post-racial, even as college students in Texas protested the appearance of a prominent white supremacist on campus.

“There are no people of color in this country,” Trump surrogate Jeffrey Lord said Tuesday night on CNN. “There are only Americans.”

Those remarks came during a panel discussion of Trump’s wide support among white supremacists, as Texas A&M students protested a speech by neo-Nazi Richard Spencer, who has said the government should force ethnic minorities to be sterilized.

Lord, who infamously argued the Ku Klux Klan was actually “progressive,” went on to rail against “dividing people by race,” i.e. acknowledging the experience of people of color in this country.

“What this guy is about is identity politics, which I have said repeatedly is racist,” he said.

You can watch the full exchange below via YouTube, with Lord’s remarks starting about three minutes in:

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