Conservative Journalist Tries to Shame AOC for Participating in Society


The Washington Times’ legal affairs reporter Alex Swoyer reported in an “EXCLUSIVE” piece Wednesday that New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently visited a salon in downtown Washington, D.C.

Apparently Ocasio-Cortez apparently visited Last Tangle Salon last month for a haircut and lowlights ($80 and $180 respectively). That’s it, that’s the whole scoop.

The Times even asked the stylist about how much Ocasio-Cortez left on the tip. The stylist did not respond.

The story also said that a worker at the salon spoke about Ocasio-Cortez “as if she were a TV superstar.”

I actually lived a few blocks from Last Tangle Salon up until August. I know that Ocasio-Cortez got a good deal, because I really struggled to find a haircut in the area for less than $100. I don’t have difficult hair, although DC made it exceptionally frizzy due to the beautiful swamplands. Maybe I’ll try lowlights next? Fire off in the comments below!

Anyway, I’m impressed AOC found a haircut for that cheap, and I’m not sure why anyone would think that you can get a discount somewhere for having good politics.

Swoyer continued (emphasis mine):

She could have saved roughly $100 for the same hairstyle at the government-subsidized Capitol Hill barbershop.
Her high-dollar hairdo stands in stark contrast to that of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a former senator from Alabama who is a regular customer at Senate Hair Care Services in the basement of the Russell Senate Office Building.
At that place, open to members of Congress and the public, a men’s cut runs about $20, though men’s haircuts there and everywhere else are cheaper than women’s.

The Capitol Hill barbershop? For those glossy tresses? It’s literally called self care!!!!! She has to be on national TV! The take is especially annoying given that AOC has been so graceful in response to the excess scrutiny over her physical appearance, inspiring more fashionable circles with her hoop earrings, red lipstick, and more recently, berry lipstick.

But I regret to inform you that here’s where it gets really stupid.

In 2015, Swoyer, who apparently has a law degree, wrote about how basic parts of society, including haircuts, are more expensive for women.

#females! #women!

I wonder how much she spends on her hair? Nobody thinks that’s a natural shade of blonde, babe. Not that it matters, I’m just saying.

She also has a really impressive, cool body of work, with hits such as “Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford still collects pledge cash,” “From cheers to smeers: Justice Kavanaugh cements Trump ‘judicial legacy’ in first year on court,” and “ICE viewed more favorably than ‘the Squad’: poll.”

Thanks, I hate it!!!!

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