Conservative Site Shamed Into Pulling Mega-Racist Columbus Day Video


Ben Shapiro, the former Breitbart editor who lectures about things like what happens “When Diversity Becomes a Problem,” and who once gloated that “Arabs like to bomb crap and live in open sewage,” has come to a profound realization: Maybe that very racist Columbus Day animation put out by his website The Daily Wire is actually…very racist!

The video has been yanked from Twitter, but it survives elsewhere. Watch it, and experience the bigotry.

After initially claiming on Monday that “everyone needs to calm down” over the video—which depicts Native Americans as savage cannibals who should be thankful that European civilization invented underwear (seriously)—Shapiro posted a short statement on Tuesday in which he attempted to walk back his previous defense of the appallingly racist ‘toon.

Somehow, it took Shapiro 24 hours of sleep deprivation to realize that this:

And this:

And this:

…might be, y’know, staggeringly offensive.

Of course, Shapiro’s sudden concern over the “bad satire” would be a little more believable had he not one day earlier insisted that “the video is obviously a response to the Left’s decision to turn Columbus Day into a story purely about Western civilization’s ‘genociding’ Native Americans rather than the great gain Western civilization brought the world via entry into the Americas, despite awful wrongs committed in the process.” (tl;dr—those darn libtards made us do it!)

But hey, now that the video’s gone, Shapiro can go back to tweeting about Trayvon Martin, and SHREDDING talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

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