Conservative Websites Can't Get Enough of Parkland Survivor David Hogg


The Daily Wire, a right-wing website known for its racist videos and for being founded and edited by Never Trumper Ben Shapiro, is in the middle of a protracted meltdown over the Parkland students. A particular focus of their ire is March for Our Lives co-organizer David Hogg.

Shapiro himself has done at least two segments in the past month about Hogg and why he thinks he’s wrong about everything. And in the eight days since March 21 alone, his website ran ten stories that focused on Hogg, his activism, and his statements in the media:

  • March 21: “WATCH: MRCTV’s Latest ‘Reality Check’ Slams Parkland Activist David Hogg For His Anti-NRA Ad”
  • March 22: “WATCH: In Profanity-Laced Interview, Parkland Student Says NRA Could Have Children’s Blood On Their Faces And They’d Still Take No Action”
  • March 23: “WATCH: Parkland’s Hogg: ‘My Teachers Are Very Understanding’ About Me Skipping School For TV
  • March 23: “WATCH: Parkland Student Complains Clear Backpacks Infringe On His Constitutional Rights”
  • March 24: “WATCH: Parkland Student’s ‘Salute’ After Speech Causes Major Twitter Reaction”
  • March 24: “SHOWDOWN: Kyle Kashuv Challenges David Hogg To Debate; Dave Rubin Offers To Donate Proceeds To Charity”
  • March 24: “WATCH: Parkland Student Says Activists Are Starting ‘A Revolution’ Over Gun Control”
  • March 25: “David Hogg’s Next Crusade: Opposing Voter Identification Laws
  • March 26: “WATCH: CNN Calls Out Parkland Student For His Attacks On Rubio. His Response Stuns CNN.”
  • March 28: “Gun Rights Provocateur David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied”

For reference, a search of the site shows it hasn’t published a story focused on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi—a notorious target of conservatives, and arguably the most powerful Democratic politician in the entire federal government—since March 8.

Today’s latest hit, about Hogg getting rejected from college, was a story by senior editor Joseph Curl, an alumnus of the Drudge Report and the Washington Times, and a decidedly grown ass man. In this piece of incisive commentary (which aggregates a TMZ interview with Hogg), Curl calls Hogg a “vocal survivor” of the Parkland shooting and a “self-appointed spokesman for a generation.”

The implication is that a teenager—one who just got shot at and helped ignite a movement that’s put the fear of God into the NRA—is actually a dumbass who’s not worth your time because he got rejected from college. Ha!

The Daily Wire isn’t the only conservative outlet that’s been targeting Hogg and other Marjory Stoneman Douglas students, as Media Matters pointed out earlier this week. On Monday, the conservative site Red State ran a story accusing Hogg of not being on campus at the time of the shooting, based on a quote he gave to CBS. Multiple updates later, one of which blamed CBS for her confusion, Red State writer Sarah Rumpf struck through the entire article and said she got it wrong. She posted an explanation today called “It Was a Mistake. I Was Wrong. And I’m Sorry.”

In addition to being a constant source of content for right-wing sites, Hogg has faced a barrage of accusations from the InfoWars set that he’s a paid actor. Seems like he’s struck a nerve!

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