Donald Trump thanks Billy Joel for 'very kind shoutout' but it was probably sarcasm


Has Billy Joel joined the ranks of other esteemed celebrities such as Aaron Carter, Tila Tequila and Mike Tyson by endorsing Donald Trump?

Trump certainly seems to think so after Joel dedicated a song to the presumptive Republican presidential nominee at a concert at Madison Square Garden on Friday night.

There’s a problem here: Joel dedicated a song to “someone who has kept me very entertained these past few months … Donald Trump,” according to to tweets from the concert. The song was Joel’s 1974 hit “The Entertainer,” which includes the lyrics “Today I am your champion / But I know the game, you’ll forget my name / And I won’t be here in another year / If I don’t stay on top of the charts.” There’s also a line about dancing with a hand down your pants.

Not everyone thought it was a “very kind shoutout.”

As usual, it’s unclear where Donald Trump is getting his intel, since this is apparently not even the first time Joel has done this.

Before Ted Cruz dropped out of the race, Joel really went all in by dedicating “New York State of Mind” to Cruz.

After all this time, is Trump really not able to spot when he’s being trolled? It’s possible that fandom caused blinders: Joel attended Trump’s wedding in 2005, and Trump’s brother Robert had tickets to a Joel concert in March. If Trump needs to talk to someone about being betrayed by ’70s and ’80s-era singer-songwriters, he can always ask Chris Christie about Bruce Springsteen.

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