Facebook users outraged that "The same video of Dog Of Wisdom everyday" page isn't posting every day


It’s been a 74 days since cartoonist Joe Gran introduced what might be his greatest creation: Dog of Wisdom:

In tribute, 72 days ago, a fan set up the Facebook page “The same video of Dog of Wisdom everyday.”

Unfortunately, that page hasn’t delivered on its promise. And its fans are NOT happy.

The video (which you should really just watch because it’s only a minute long and come on are you really doing anything more important?) is an interaction between a dog named “the dog,” whom everyone likes, and the Dog of Wisdom, who floats on a cloud. It features “a good wisdom” and an even better knock knock joke.

The group, which has accrued 36,915 fans, follows in the proud tradition of other Facebook groups like The Same Photo of Glenn Danzig Everyday and The Same Photo of Michael Cera Everyday, posting the titular video once per day, every day.

And while the page’s very name promises the video everyday, it has failed to provide.

The group, which is primarily administered by a volunteer, Matheus Oliviera, got into the habit not posting everyday fairly quickly: on the sixth day of the group’s existence there was no post.

But people are NOT having it. They’re taking to the comments to object to the video not showing up every day:

To his credit, Oliviera has repeatedly said in his posts that he can’t post every day, and he isn’t taking things lying down:

As with all Facebook groups providing an easily available video or photo that’s the same everyday, one hopes people who are upset are joking. But people are also terrifying, so they might not be.

The minor psychodrama is incredible to watch, though!

Ethan Chiel is a reporter for Fusion, writing mostly about the internet and technology. You can (and should) email him at [email protected]

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