Florida congressional candidate: Obama driving 'a wedge between the races'


He’s a candidate the Republican National Committee is calling a “young gun,” and apparently questionable comments about the president is no barrier for that.

Mark Freeman, the Republican candidate for Congress in Palm Beach, was recorded accusing President Barack Obama of making “a boldfaced effort to drive a wedge between the races,” among other things.

The Palm Beach Post reported Freeman’s comments were in response to a question on race relations at a forum last week. His full response was as follows:

This is deep-seated. Obama has made a boldfaced effort to drive a wedge between the races. He paints a picture of envy to our black citizens and the envy drives hatred. And then he says to them you’ve got it coming for free, these rich people owe you. And on top of that he gives them free stuff, too.
And that just is anti-American and it complicates our relations between the races. And really we need to have compassion for these people and we need to allow them the education they need so that they can have self-worth and dignity and become productive citizens.

Where to begin? The idea that black people get preferential treatment from Obama (Black Lives Matter might disagree)? All the free stuff black people are getting (like reparations for slavery)? Or the assumption that black people are, as a whole, less educated and possessing of less self-worth and dignity?

Freeman’s comments were quickly denounced by one of his Democratic opponents, Randy Perkins, who called on him to retract his comments and apologize.

The Post reports Freeman did not apologize, but instead said Perkins “has just shown that he will wallow in the mud and do anything to appeal to the Bernie Sanders’ Socialists.”


You sure about that, Mark?

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