Fox & Friends Is JUST WONDERING if Trump Bombing Syria Would Distract From James Comey


The hosts of Fox & Friends, the Larry, Curly, and Moe of morning news, are not known for subtlety (or sanity) when it comes to communicating directly with their viewer-in-chief, President Donald Trump. But this morning, Ainsley Earhardt just straight-up implied to the president that he bomb Syria not to punish the Assad government for a suspected chemical attack, but to drown out the publicity for James Comey’s new book when it hits the shelves.

“If the president, and France, and the UK decide to strike Syria, don’t you think that story would be a bigger story than Comey’s book that’s released on Tuesday?” Earhardt asked Geraldo Rivera.

Real smooth. Notice that Geraldo called Earhardt “Allison” but also definitely notice that Earhardt casually mentioned the book is out on Tuesday, giving Trump a timeline with the finesse and nuance of a Michael Bay movie. Of all the mind-bogglingly dumb reasons for military intervention, this is probably one of the more specifically cruel and horrifyingly petty ones, but it’s unfortunately well within the realm of possibility.

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