GIF Essay: 'Tempted by the tech'


Adrian L. Crego is a 27-year-old artist living in Spain who seeks to document the changing landscape of human emotions. His chosen medium is digital: On Tumblr, he creates GIFs from street art photographs, and animates them to make impactful, visual stories. Crego studies the human condition; in this GIF essay, he analyzes the impact of technology on our perception of ourselves and reality.

I – We were tempted by the golden tech…
II – We connected with everybody except with ourselves…
III – We depend on what we have created…
IV – We assumed the world was a square…
V – We are slaves of this nonsense digital maze.

(This piece was originally published on Tumblr.)

I am 27 and self-taught digital artist living in A Coruña, in the north of Spain. Since I remember I was always seduced by any kind of art: books, films, pictures, music, etc, and I still think that art and culture is the only way to change people minds. I don’t believe in art that is empty, that do not tell anything. I always want to create pieces that make people think, or at least, make them start to think.

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