Gluten-free Cheerios recalled for accidentally containing gluten


If you say your product doesn’t have gluten in it, there’s just one thing you need to do: make sure it doesn’t have gluten in it.


General Mills announced it would be recalling boxes of its Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios cold cereal produced at its Lodi, Calif., facility in July that were contaminated with gluten during manufacture.

General Mills listed the box codes marking the contaminated cereal boxes on its website.

Cheerios are made from oats, which typically don’t contain any gluten, but oat flour becomes mixed with wheat during transportation, which is where the gluten comes from.

General Mills made a big deal last summer over making Cheerios gluten free, and produced a series of commercials where an engineer named Phil Zietlow explained how he wanted Cheerios to be gluten free so his daughter-in-law with celiac disease could eat them.

Gluten free diets may be trendy, but people diagnosed with celiac disease can suffer severe complications from eating anything contaminated with gluten.

Hopefully, Phil is on it.

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