Grown Men With Photoshopped Zooey Deschanel Eyes Will Be The Best Thing You Stare At Today


Zooey Deschanel is quirky! She has bangs! And wears polka dots! And glasses! And she wear those glasses over big, blue eyes, which she usually puts a lot of retro eyeliner on.

Naturally, like the rest of us humans, I’m sure you’ve wondered what Zooey Deschanel’s Zooey eyes look like on other people. And by other people, I mean men. Specifically, men who are generally more successful, powerful, important and better looking than you and I are/will ever be.

Well, thank God we’re not alone in our thoughts, because thanks to Photoshop and Tumblr, we have Guys With Zooeyes. And it’s everything you ever dreamed of an more.

There’s Obama

Kanye with Zooey eyes ≥ sad Kanye.

Don Draper looking slightly less existential, slightly more psychologically disturbed.

There’s Bob Ross (who strangely looks kind of normal)

And Rick Ross (who even more strangely looks even more normal than Bob Ross)

And Walter White might look like the most normal of them all

Check out the rest of the Zooey Eyes at

H/T Mashable

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