Here Comes Big Carl

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Look out folks, here comes Big Carl!

Wow. Pretty big!

Big Carl’s building a nuclear power plant. Cool! We’re going to need more Big Carls if we want to build the energy infrastructure to get us off fossil fuels in time to not burn or drown to death. To me, that means that Big Carl has good politics. I will not be Googling the corporation that makes Big Carl, thank you very much.

The company that makes Big Carl says that Big Carl’s real name is the SGC-250, which stands for Sarens Giant Crane 250, which is pretty cool, but not nearly as cool as Big Carl.

Here’s a video about Big Carl that I really like.

Per Bloomberg, here’s what Big Carl can do:

It can carry as much as 5,000 tons, or the same weight as 1,600 cars, in a single lift and arrived on 280 truck loads from Belgium. It has taken about three months to build.


Here’s how Big Carl works:

I love Big Carl.

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