Here's Trump Forgetting Anthony Kennedy's Name Like an Idiot

White House

Shortly after the news broke that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring from the court at the end of July—handing President Trump a second vacancy to fill and a gift-wrapped item to motivate Republican voters ahead of the midterms—Trump seemed to forget what guy he was talking about altogether.

“A man I also have great respect for, Justice Anthony [looooong pause] you know who I’m talking about,” Trump began in remarks at the White House Wednesday afternoon, before finishing that thought: “Justice Kennedy will be retiring.”

You could almost see the gears turning: Justice Anthony something something…. Antonin was the one that died, OK it’s DEFINITELY not him….KENNEDY!

Trump went on to praise whoever that guy is as a “spectacular man” who will be “respected for a long time” after his years of “tremendous service.” The search for his replacement will start “immediately,” the president also said.

Listen, we’re entirely fucked, I know that. But in this moment, I needed this. What a fucking idiot.

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