Hillary Clinton is shredding Donald Trump on Snapchat over recent Trump University revelations


Were he any other candidate, the ongoing revelations about his for-profit, un-accredited “university” would probably be enough to tank Donald Trump’s presidential ambitions.

But, of course, Donald Trump is not simply “any other candidate.” Instead, he’s something like a political cross between a carnival barker, and a teflon frying pan: Feeding off the chaos around him, without anything actually sticking to his person. At least, so far.

But while the Trump U revelations—namely, that Donald’s eponymous educational institution preyed on the poor and uneducated, all for his own personal profit—may not have ended his candidacy, they do offer Hillary Clinton a strong line of attack—one for which she launched an opening salvo on Snapchat (@HillaryClinton), her social network of choice.

Over the course of this election season the Clinton campaign has come to dominate the emerging art of Snapchat political ads. The Trump U scandal seems a particularly potent message to hammer home on Snapchat specifically, with a chunk of its young user base presumably dealing with—or dreading the prospect of—student debt.

Of course,Trump has fought off accusations of malfeasance at Trump U from a political rival once before, and won. Perhaps Rubio should have Snapchatted his attack, instead.

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