Israel Attacks Iran Like Iran Attacked Israel

Big Story Israel-Iran Conflict
Israel Attacks Iran Like Iran Attacked Israel

This post will contain everything we know about Israel’s retaliation against Iran last night, which is another way to say not much. War in the 21st century is incredibly murky. Every physical attack is accompanied by an informational one, and us publishers must be cautious about what we do and do not highlight from biased actors.

What we do know is that Israel launched a limited air strike on the Isfahan and possibly Tabriz provinces in Iran using drones and potentially other forms of aerial bombardment. Iranian authorities almost immediately said there was no damage done and an Israeli official told The Washington Post that “it was just intended to send a message to Iran that Israel has the ability to hit targets inside the country.”

Senator Marco Rubio confirmed this viewpoint at the same time reports first surfaced that Israel had launched some sort of attack inside of Iran’s borders, tweeting that “Israel has the ability to conduct strikes inside Iran without entering Iranian air space from aircraft over Syrian and Iraqi airspace.” The former Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committe continued to agitate for a broader war as the night went on.

Rubio’s timely tweets prove that at some level of our government there was clearly an American endorsement of this attack, even if it is true as the U.S. claimed that they were not involved. That people like Rubio are the ones agitating the most for a war with Iran should come as no surprise to anyone who has paid attention to the neocons this past half-century who would undoubtedly try to use a potential second Trump administration to start the calamitous regional war they have always dreamed of.

Israel, despite the framing of New York Times stenographers I can only assume were born yesterday, did indeed provoke Iran by attacking them on sovereign soil first, assuming international law means anything to NYT editors anymore. However, attacking Iran in Syria is not the same as attacking Israel in Israel, and by lobbing all those kamikaze drones and missiles at Israel, Iran raised the bar for acceptable activity in this conflict. They had to expect an Israeli retaliation inside of Iranian borders, and that’s exactly what they got.

That this was a so-called “pinprick” from Israel which seemingly did not escalate this tit-for-tat past Iran’s salvo is potentially a good sign that both parties are not looking to further ratchet up tensions and are willing to leave this détente at what amounts to a regional pissing contest for now.

Iran reportedly providing three days’ notice prior to their retaliation that almost entirely failed is not unreasonable to interpret as a message more than an attack too. There is reason to hope that this could be it between two powers who in any logical world would want to avoid all-out war with each other.

But we don’t live in a logical world, we live in one where ten quadrillion year-old Joe Biden is campaigning for a second presidential term with the genocidal Benjamin Netanyahu as his de facto running mate while Republicans like Marco Rubio cheer on a conflict that could escalate into a broader horrific war, and we’re all just supposed to accept this as normal.

This situation would be less worrisome with a president who has demonstrated real strength and was willing to operate the levers of American empire to try to avoid war. I blame Ronald Reagan for much of our modern dystopia, but I also believe that he would do a better job reining in Netanyahu than Biden has, as he demonstrated in putting his foot down over Israel’s 1983 offensive in Lebanon.

Biden didn’t start utilizing this kind of pressure until over 13,000+ children and seven aid workers for his favorite celebrity chef were killed by Israel. Unlike Reagan, he is not even considering blocking weapons sales yet, despite people like Nancy Pelosi and even a weapons sales official at the State Department asserting that we should.

All Biden has done to date is convince Netanyahu to open up an aid route to the northern areas of Gaza he is still more than willing to let Israel indiscriminately bomb. Biden giving the unhinged Israeli regime carte blanche to do whatever they want has very clearly helped push the region to the brink of war.

Joe Biden is the weakest president of my lifetime, somehow eclipsing pandemic Trump and Great Financial Crisis Bush. His approval rating is sitting in their illustrious sub-40% territory, and it’s deserved. He is a horrible president who has helped facilitate both one of the worst humanitarian crises in modern history and the escalation of a terrifying regional conflict that could very easily spiral out of control.

Only someone who has had their head caved in by MSNBC propaganda would believe from a normative perspective that Biden deserves a second term. The man has me pining for President Kamala Harris for Pete’s sake. All good things left this administration the moment his former Chief of Staff Ron Klain walked out of the White House, and what we have witnessed since is President Biden left to his own devices.

There’s a reason he was the doofus the Democrats added to the ticket to tell white America it was OK to vote for the black guy. His political career has consisted of countless moments where he has made a buffoon of himself. This colossal dumbfuck even got caught plagiarizing multiple times, once while running for president in 1988 that forced him to drop out of the race. Anyone who considers him to be some reasonable sober elder statesman must have been born in 2008. He is a fool, and he was a fool long before father time got his hands on him.

Earlier this week, Biden’s Trumpian State Department was still feigning ignorance over who could have possibly launched a strike on Iran’s embassy in Syria while Israel was plotting last night’s strike on Iran. While the State Department was beclowning themselves in front of the entire world, proving everyone in that God-forsaken building to be some of the most incompetent humans ever produced by our species, the regional war the entire globe fears potentially began.

It says a lot about Joe Biden and his fundamentally feckless foreign policy that the radical Iranian Revolutionary Guard and depraved Israeli Defense Forces may be the entities in this situation most holding us back from all-out war right now. We know it sure as hell isn’t Marco Rubio and friends trying to calm things down, and Biden’s foreign policy platform so far has amounted to “Netanyahu gets to do whatever he wants with no repercussions.” Iran has imposed more limits on Bibi’s behavior than Biden has to date.

If Iran did launch an attack designed to fail and Israel responded in kind, it means that we can rest easily to some degree knowing somewhere on this planet there are adults in charge who understand the extremely delicate situation we find ourselves in. The problem for us is that none of them are in our nation’s capital.

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