Joe Biden Largely Condemns Student Protests

White House Gaza Protests
Joe Biden Largely Condemns Student Protests

President Joe Biden finally spoke about the wave of college protests that the openly antisemitic duo of elite American press and power are broadly describing as antisemitic, all while outlets like NBC publish sentences like “Neither Columbia nor the New York Police Department has released data on the number of antisemitic incidents at the school.”

Defying the DNC’s wHaT dO yOu ExPeCt ThE pReSiDeNt To Do bootlicker crowd, Biden finally spoke up during this mass action, and used the power of his bully pulpit today…to pretty much condemn the protests and generally characterize them as unlawful.

If there is any real substantive headline coming out of these short remarks other than what looks to be pretty clear campaign maneuvering, it’s this exchange with a reporter.

Q    Mr. President, have the protests forced you to reconsider any of the policies with regard to the region?


I’m not going to give much credence to the lip service he provides to “peaceful protest” while spending most of the speech slandering the protests with the same overblown and “antisemitic” characterization that all his powerful friends and stenographers have been using. This is closer to a speech Richard Nixon would give than anything resembling actual support for the peaceful college students expressing opposition to his policies in Gaza.

You might think he could take a moment to condemn some specific violence from the protests instead of generalizing it, like the recent attack on pro-Palestinian protestors at UCLA that lasted for three hours, sent 25 people to the hospital, and included four student journalists being attacked by a group of pro-Israel insurgents, but that would go against the narrative Biden and the rest of American empire’s servants are pushing on us. The president did condemn Islamophobia in this speech, but only right after condemning antisemitism twice in a row.

I simply refuse to believe that elite America all repeating the same talking points at the same time is anything other than exactly what it looks like: an orchestrated attempt at every level of empire to stifle protest and change the narrative around the Israeli genocide of Gaza. Why else are police around the country responding to non-violent student protests like another military just invaded?

We are witnessing the American empire’s attempt to reclaim a narrative from a generation it has lost forever. The rule going forward now is that each day will be filled with less believers that we are the good guys than the previous one, and there is nothing our geriatric rulers can do to stop the inevitable march of time from carrying their legacies into the future.

Biden is making a calculated campaign appeal to moderates with this generally hostile reaction to the youthful and diverse demographic who helped carry him to victory in 2020, and time will tell whether this is the correct strategy for 2024.

DNC androids may point to Biden’s condemnation of Palestinian-American discrimination in the short speech as proof of my overblown hysteria around Biden’s Nixonian response, but I would counter with the assertion that people who think that what comes second is more important than what comes first in a politician’s speech are marks who probably believe that professional wrestling is real too.

It’s 1968 All Over Again, Isn’t It?

We have New York City Police Department propaganda ministers going on MSNBC shows like Morning Joe who have obviously pledged to produce the antithesis of journalism, claiming that bike locks sold by Columbia University are proof of outside agitators at Columbia University.

Stenographers like Dana Bash are putting Fox News to shame in producing hysteric “reports” on the supposed one serious news network.

North Korean propagandists would be taken aback at this dimwitted and unhinged assertion that 2024 Los Angeles is like 1930s Europe. She outsourced her job to New York City Mayor Eric Adams in helping to further this “outside agitators” lie that American empire pushed on everyone back in the Civil Rights movement, and Adams later struggled to explain exactly how many outside agitators NYPD arrested when pressed by a real journalist long after all the pretend ones had uncritically repeated this claim that anyone with an early high school-level understanding of U.S. history would be naturally skeptical of.

People like Dana Bash are not journalists, they’re propagandists working on behalf of American empire.

We are in the midst of a full-blown elite-driven moral panic. The left’s longtime adversary, the brave anonymous Democrat, told Axios “The longer [the protests] continue, and the worse that they get, the worse it’s going to be for the election overall.”

All of it is what it looks like.

America’s elites have successfully taken Gaza’s dead children off the front pages of newspapers and replaced them with American college students. Democrats’ culpability in one of the most heinous crimes of the 21st century is the last thing they want to talk about, and if that means echoing Nixon in what so far is shaping up to be a 1968-esque election year, so be it, I guess.

We will see whether or not appealing to the law and order center is the correct electoral strategy, but I ask Joe Biden and his dutiful stenographers downstream of his seat of power one thing: when you do inevitably come back to us on the left in the fall and try to win our votes, please don’t lecture us about how anyone in power actually gives a shit about democracy in this country. It’s insulting to our intelligence.

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