MAGA Kids Have a New Political Hero: OJ Simpson

The Discourse

OJ Simpson started a Twitter account last month, because that’s just the kind of thing we have to deal with now. On Tuesday, he offered some thoughts about NFL holdouts and, uh, the upcoming Democratic debates, and folks? Trump-obsessed high school and college students love it.

The video contained some…questionable lines. “Don’t point fingers about what somebody once did, or may have done,” Simpson said. (Hmmmmmmmmmmm.) “Put your plan out there, let’s hear you guys debate the merits of that plan.” He also opined that “it’s easy to say we should fix global warming, we should have an affordable healthcare plan, we should have a chicken in every pot. That sounds good. The question is, how are you going to do it?”

While OJ Simpson is one of the last people on this planet I’d go to for advice about virtually anything, the Students for Trump group—which was acquired by the similarly grifty Turning Point Action earlier this month—retweeted it before quickly taking it down:

Great job, y’all. Here’s another one for the drafts: Even Ted Bundy knew that you can’t trust the Democrats to keep America safe!!!

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