Meghan McCain Has a Bulletproof Defense of Trump


Another day, another shitstorm joining the shit-tornado that is our modern political landscape!

As you may know, two separate outlets reported on Thursday that David Pecker, Donald Trump’s friend over at American Media, Inc., which publishes the National Enquirer, paid to kill a potential story about an alleged love child of Trump’s. Lots of people are, at the very least, interested in this, especially since the story broke mere days after Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, had his office raided by the FBI, in part because investigators are looking for information about Cohen’s ties to AMI.

But for The View’s Meghan McCain, Trump is just joining a long and storied legacy of American heroes who have all paid off mistresses. McCain may be the show’s resident Trump apologist, but even she had to put her back into this one. Via Raw Story:

“In 1791, Alexander Hamilton paid off his mistress’ husband,” she said. “Paying off mistresses has been going on since literally the birth of our Democracy.”

Paying off mistresses has been probably going on since the birth of currency, but either way, McCain is showing a concerted and focused dedication to missing the point at hand. It’s almost like that time when Trump suggested we tear down statues of noted president and slaveowner George Washington since people were so obsessed with tearing down Confederate statues. (Though tearing down Washington statues is still a good idea!)

As fellow panelist Sunny Hostin pointed out, it’s less about the alleged affair and more about the possible legal ramifications of the payoff. McCain then repeated her point that Trump being unfaithful was not surprising at all. Sometimes, citing precedent isn’t anything other than a convenient excuse to be complicit, isn’t it? America, what a country!

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