Melania Is That You???


By sheer force of personality and tireless journalistic pursuit of Truth, Fox News’ Sean Hannity landed a sit-down interview last night with First Lady Melania Trump. Even our president urged any old people up that late to tune in!

She had a lot of fascinating things to say, among them: respect the troops.

When Hannity nailed her to the wall with a tough question about what’s the hardest part of being the first lady, Trump replied: “I would say the opportunists who are using my name or my family name to advance themselves, from comedians to journalists to performers, book writers.”

Fascinating stuff! More interesting to me, a woman, so this is not sexist: Melania is blonde now! New year (almost) new me! Whom amongst us doesn’t enjoy refreshing our look to signal a changing of the tides?

“Is Melania Trump Getting Blonder or Is That Just the Light?” Vanity Fair asked last night after the first lady appeared at a Toys for Tots event looking sun-kissed. My take?? It’s NOT just the light; she DEFINITELY looked even blonder talking with Hannity last night.

She also….didn’t look much like herself! Evidence that yet another clone has been swapped in for the old model a la The Prestige? Is the real Melania trapped in a subterranean lair? Only time will tell.

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