Minnesota cop resigns after telling people to run over Black Lives Matter protesters on Facebook


A 22-year veteran of the St. Paul, Minn. police force has resigned after telling people to run over Black Lives Matter protesters on Martin Luther King Day.

In a Facebook comment left on a news story about the day’s protests, then-sergeant Jeffrey Rothecker said, “Don’t slow down for any of these idiots who try and block the street.”

Rothecker also offered legal advice for anyone who followed his recommendation, writing “Now, these idiots could try and sue you in civil court, but remember that it will be jury trial and so most likely it will come out in your favor.”

The New York Daily News clipped the comment in its entirety. An internal probe later identified the commenter as Rothecker:

The St. Paul Police confirmed Rothecker’s resignation in a statement Wednesday. St. Paul mayor Chris Coleman said he was pleased that Rothecker would no longer be a police officer, the News reported, though he will still receive his pension benefits.

“The actions Mr. Rothecker admits he engaged in were disgusting, harmful and out of step with the values of the Department and the community it serves,” he said.

A St. Paul Black Lives Matter activist told station KARE11 that a protest against police treatment of blacks was still planned for the end of the month despite the latest development.

“The arrest disparities that exists, the killings of unarmed males that go on in this state and across the country are really due to the negative attitude that Officer Rothecker has put on display very explicitly with his posts,” Rashad Turner said.

Rothecker’s resignation comes just a few days after a Detroit police officer was placed under investigation for comparing Beyoncé’s Superbowl Halftime Show dancers to the KKK on Facebook, and after an Ohio cop was placed under investigation for a post celebrating the death of a Black Lives Matter activist.

Rob covers business, economics and the environment for Fusion. He previously worked at Business Insider. He grew up in Chicago.

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