'No One Can Best the American Worker,' Says Heiress Whose Company Relies Solely on Foreign Factories


Ivanka Trump, who has some sort of ambiguous advising role in her father’s nepotistic administration, has reemerged on the cable news scene to sell tax reform.

Simplifying the tax code will democratize it, she said on Monday at a town hall in Pennsylvania, despite the fact that it won’t. Reform will also benefit the average American family, she has repeatedly told whomever must listen to her tax reform pitch, despite the fact that it won’t. And now, speaking to the Trump family’s favorite talking head, Sean Hannity, the manufacturing source of her clothing line seems to have slipped her mind.

“I believe with my heart and soul, and my father does, and this administration does, that no one can best the American worker,” Trump said. “There is no group of people more innovative, more motivated, more capable, but there’s got to be a level playing field. And there’s not a level playing field.”

I believe with my heart and soul, that Ivanka Trump is lying through her teeth. Aside from the sheer audacity of Ivanka Trump, who is worth more than a couple hundred million dollars, promoting a tax plan that will undoubtedly benefit her (and not the average American family), the audacity of her touting the American worker is striking.

Ivanka’s shoe line and clothing line are not manufactured in America, most of the shoes are made in China, a fact that has been widely reported since her father took office. Workers who produce Ivanka’s eponymously named fashion line are horrifically underpaid and abused. Conditions in the Chinese factories are so horrible, an activist described them as some of the worst he has investigated in decades.

Factories in Bangladesh and Indonesia also produce some the Ivanka Trump branded clothes, according to The Washington Post. And of course, who could forget that President Trump’s infamous Make America Great Again hats are made in China. Some hats were made in Vietnam. Officially, MAGA hats are made in America, but the list of manufacturing hypocrisies continues.

“This is about the recognition that, as a country, we have to have policies that mirror our values,” Ivanka said without an ounce of irony at Monday’s town hall. “We have to encourage the next generation to be competitive and compassionate.” Clearly, Ivanka hasn’t looked in the mirror in quite a long time.

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