NRA's Dana Loesch Makes Another Disastrous Appearance on CNN


NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch—last seen getting destroyed by teens on national television—was back on CNN on Friday morning, where she promptly cut out the middleman and destroyed herself.

Right off the bat, Loesch doubled down on her Thursday morning comments at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where she insisted that “many in the media love mass shootings,” because “crying white mothers are ratings gold.”

“Why would you make a statement like that?” CNN’s Alisyn Camerota asked.

After a long pause, Loesch answered simply “because it’s true.”

In fact, Loesch added a short while later, it’s the TV stations themselves who are partially to blame for mass shooters.

“You guys should probably, maybe, perhaps take some responsibility in the handling and coverage of the matter,” Loesch insisted, after Camerota pointed out that painting the media as death-hungry ratings fiends might not be particularly helpful in this instance. “Don’t allow accusations against millions of Americans as child murderers to stand uncorrected on your network.” (What?)

It only got worse from there.

When pressed by Camerota to admit that the NRA bears some responsibility for finding a solution to America’s spate of mass shootings, Loesch adamantly pushed back, saying “no, we absolutely do not.”

Well gosh, I guess that (probably, maybe, perhaps) settles it!

You can watch the entire cringeworthy interview, below:

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