Paul Manafort Doesn't Want to Go Back to Court Because He's Busy Being in Jail


By pretty much any way you slice it, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager and current convicted felon Paul Manafort is—to put it mildly—extremely fucked. He’s facing years in prison, a disintegrating plea bargain with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and a possible case of gout.

Given all that, it’s kind of understandable that rather than make a scheduled court appearance on Friday, Manafort has opted to sulk in his jail cell instead. According to a court filing made on Wednesday, Manafort has waived his right to appear in person, and claimed that his “interests will be represented” by his attorneys in his place.

And just why does Manafort think it’s not worth showing up? Per his filing:

I waive my right to appear because of the time involved in having the US. Marshal Service transport me to and from the courthouse.

Clearly Manafort has better things to do with his time. Things like, um, sit in solitary confinement and, uh…no, wait. That’s it. That’s literally all he’s really got to do these days. Sit in jail and make court appearances. And he can’t even be bothered to do that, it seems.

Or maybe he’s just protesting the fact that he’s not allowed to wear his fancy suits to trial anymore.

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