Please Enjoy Boris Johnson Getting Booed So Viciously That He Hid From a Press Conference

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Just when you think Boris Johnson can’t get more embarrassing…he gets more embarrassing.

The British prime minister has spent the past few weeks being heckled and humiliated at just about every turn, but what happened to him today in Luxembourg, of all places, was perhaps the most hilarious yet.

Johnson was set to give a press conference about Brexit-related matters with Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel. There was just one problem: some very loud protesters who seemed to hate Johnson were standing near the place where the press conference was due to happen. They had lustily booed Johnson earlier, just to make their presence known.

So, instead of continuing with the press conference, Johnson just didn’t show up.

Bettel then held the press conference without Johnson, leaving an empty podium next to him.

Sources told the BBC that Johnson had tried to get the conference moved somewhere friendlier to him, to no avail.

It’s pretty bad when you literally cannot have a meeting outside because people hate you so much. Sucks to suck.

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