Pubic Hair Implants Are Bringing the Bush Back


Pubic hair. We all have it. Sometimes we don’t want it. And sometimes we want more, like the growing trend among Asian women who are embracing their bush and implanting extra hair in their pubic region.

This enthusiasm for pubic hair is related to the fact that many Asian women who are “bald” are colloquially called a white tiger. Singapore based hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Eileen Tan, said that, “In Asia, women with no or minimally pubic hair are commonly known as ‘white tiger.’ It is a cultural superstitious belief that these women are fierce and hostile in nature. They bring disharmony and bad luck to husband and family. Hence, we have Asian women who have this concern will want to improve the hair density via this cosmetic procedure.”

But what about the history of “hair down there” for all cultures?

We take a look down the pubic highway of the past to discover just how pubic hair has fared through the ages.

Graphics by Pedro Alvarez

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