Roy Moore: 'Actually, America Was Great When We Had Slavery'


In recent weeks, Roy Moore’s nauseating, explicitly misogynistic, and ostensibly illegal, pursuit of teenage girls as an adult has dominated headlines. But let’s not forget that Moore, a candidate for the United States Senate, continues to be a raging bigot.

On Tuesday a resurfaced report from the Los Angeles Times served up a reminder of Moore’s racism: At the same September event he referred to Native Americans as “reds and yellows,” Moore told the audience that America was last “great” when families were united…and there was slavery:

Moore isn’t even trying to hide his racism—he’s waving it around like the pistol he whipped out at an another rally in September. On top of lamenting a time when families there was slavery and were “united” (which can really only mean white families) Moore said this to one of the only black people in the audience. Seems intentional.

Despite his clear prejudices, which should have disqualified him from the beginning, and long list of sexual predation accusations, the Republican National Committee has decided to throw its financial weight behind Moore. After initially rescinding support for Moore, the RNC confirmed on Monday evening that it would resume funding his campaign—a decision that was no doubt influenced by President Donald Trump’s explicit endorsement of Moore on Monday morning.

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