Rudy Giuliani: No One Feels as Bad About Family Separation as the Guy Who Made It Happen


Rudy Giuliani, the empty car on the subway where someone definitely pooped, graced Fox News today. But it wasn’t to tear down Stormy Daniels and/or all other women or anything. Rather, he helped provide some very precious insight into how President Donald Trump—who implemented the policy of separating children from their parents at the border only to announce that he was signing an executive order to end that policy—really feels about his horrifying decisions now that everyone is rightfully enraged.

See, when it comes to separating families, according to Giuliani, no one, and he means no one, feels sad about it quite like Donald Trump, who, again, is directly responsible for making it happen.

“It’s a tragedy,” Giuliani said. “And nobody feels this more than Donald Trump, believe me. I know that. I worked with him on the immigration issue all throughout the campaign and he’s got a very big heart. Doesn’t want to see this happen, and he wants to see everyone treated fairly.”

“He’s got a very big heart,” Giuliani said of a man who is actively reducing a wide array of Latinx people and cultures to “gang members.”

“Doesn’t want to see this happen,” he said of a man who literally wanted to see this exact thing happen.

“He wants to see everyone treated fairly,” he said about the guy whose political belief is founded in white supremacy and putting “America first.”

So I guess the real victim here (along with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, or course) isn’t the enormous population of children and their parents being subjected to inhumane treatment by America. It’s Donald Trump and his enormous heart who “feels this” more than anyone else.

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