Rudy Giuliani Seems to Think Any Paper You Grab off the Printer Is Legal Document

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Rudy Giuliani’s brain must be melting as he had not one but two meltdowns in an interview with his hometown favorite network, Fox News. In an interview on Sunday morning, Giuliani defended his role in the growing impeachment scandal by holding up printouts of a rightwing site and calling them “affidavits.”

At first Giuliani just holds up these pieces of paper while Media Buzz host Howard Kurtz attempts to keep the interview from going off the rails. “See this here?” Giuliani tells Kurtz while holding up print-outs from “Twenty years of the Washington press corps that was corrupt. Corrupt! Corruption! Allegation after allegation of corruption. Never followed up on, never looked at. James Biden, Hunter Biden. Going back to the 80s and 90s. This stinks.”

It wasn’t the end of the papers’ journey. ABC News—wait, no, NBC News—wait actually it was CNN, according to Giuliani, that incorrectly reported that the Biden allegations are unfounded. (Most mainstream outlets have said Giuliani is parroting lies about Biden. So much so that the Biden campaign asked networks to stop booking the former New York City mayor on talk shows.)

“CNN put out a report that the allegations against Biden are not supported by anything. Yes the are,” Giuliani said, grabbing his trusty piles of paper from whatever small table people have next to them during TV spots. “They’re supported by three affidavits. That’s a lot better than whistleblowers.”

He insisted that these affidavits—which he implied he was holding up—would prove that the Biden family were the real bad guys in Ukraine. Again, the papers are clearly from a website called I can write that because there is the phrase (HTTP://HOPELESSLYPARTISAN in a font that appears to be about an inch high on the top third of the paper.

Those papers that are clearly print-outs are actually affidavits, is the story he’s sticking with. “Three affidavits from Ukranian protestors who say Joe Biden bribed the president of the Ukraine. That he put pressure on them. That the president of the Ukraine dismissed a case solely because of Biden’s pressure,” Giuliani said.

“Now, they could be lying,” Giuliani added. “They could be lying.”

I can’t believe I’m defending a Fox News host, but every time Kurtz attempted to inject even the slightest amount of context, Giuliani assumed it was to contradict him and just kept going into the conspiracy theories about Biden, his son and Ukrainian politics. And this is only one of the incidents in the 10-minute interview. Later in the interview Fox News has to CUT OFF Giuliani while he says Kurtz should be ashamed of his profession without a hint of irony. Watch the entire interview here.

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