San Francisco officials crack down on man paying $400 a month to live in a tiny wooden box


Peter Berkowitz was living the life, man. $400 a month in rent, a place to live in San Francisco, absolutely zero sex, living in a tiny wooden box—surely, it was paradise. No longer, though. No longer.

Turns out, it’s illegal to live in a box, Hoodline tragically reports:

The Department of Building Inspection reached out to Hoodline, confirming that the pods are illegal and a violation of housing, building, and fire safety codes.
“He wanted to know how he could make it legal,” said chief housing inspector Rosemary Bosque, who had spoken to Berkowitz roughly a week ago. “He would have to completely open it up or look at something different, such as a bed with a frame, with curtains, something that was open to the room. This would be the case for anywhere in the country with respect to building and inhabitability codes.”

Let’s pray Mr. Berkowitz figures a way to work with the Department of Building Inspection.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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