SHS Ends Record-Breaking Briefing Drought to Take Questions From Literal Children

White House

Admitted liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders ended her record-breaking streak of not holding a White House press briefing on Thursday. Unfortunately, her return did not mark a renewed commitment to transparency by the Trump administration, as she was surrounded by a gaggle of literal children participating in Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.

So, instead, Sanders used her first briefing in more than 40 days to field questions about dinosaurs, superheroes, and her favorite color.

After announcing that the President Donald Trump plans to speak at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony next month, Sanders took questions from the assembled grade-schoolers, dropping the scintillating tidbit that Trump likes the T-Rex and claiming she loves her job. Wow!

This isn’t to say the entire event—reasonably cute as it could have been—was totally devoid of anything resembling a good use of everyone’s time. At one point, an extremely good child reporter pressed Sanders to address the administration’s policy of separating migrant kids from their parents. Nevertheless, true to form, Sanders did what she does best and lied for the president, telling the questioner that Trump truly wants to “keep families together.”

The briefing, or whatever it was, ended with Sanders bringing her own children up to the podium. There, in response to a question about what the president actually does, one of the Sanders children reportedly answered “whatever he wants” while the White House staffers in the room laughed and laughed.

Vice President Mike Pence even made a surprise visit, explaining that “We work with a president who never stops working,” which one child reportedly called “weird.” Indeed!

The administration had insisted the whole spectacle be “off the record” (which is not how “off the record” works) which probably explains why Fox News quickly deleted its livestream of the event. But, according to journalists in the room, the briefing ended with at least one (adult) reporter asking Sanders when she will “brief for the real reporters”?

A great question to end a great briefing!

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