SNL’s Morning Joe Spoof Was As Awkward and Cringeworthy As the Real Show


Morning news co–hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski of Morning Joe publicly announced this week that they’re tying the knot. So we can only expect the couple’s coy exchanges and amorous on–air interludes while guests awkwardly gaze at a Starbucks cup will increase in coming days.

It was perfect timing, then, for Saturday Night Live, on its first night back after a short break, to take a shot at the TV news couple in its cold opening.

Scarborough, played by Alex Moffat, warns Kate McKinnon’s Brzezinski character that she’s pushing his buttons—by talking about politics and health care. Cue the weirdness, just like the real show! What were we talking about again? Oh right. Health care.


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